LITE P-500 Power Conditioner


LITE P-500 Power Conditioner

• 500 watt output
• Power Port AC sockets
• Accepts either 100-120V or 220-240V on its input, the output
voltage is 100-120V (U.S. version).
• Adjustable output frequencies for 50Hz or 60Hz.
• Perfect for source equipment eg. 100-120V (U.S. version) CD player, DVD
player, preamp, DAC’s, surround sound processors, turntables, phono
preamplifiers, etc.
• Suitable for 100-120V (U.S. version) small solid-state or tube/valve
integrated amp & power amp – 50 watts or below.
• Rock solid bass improvement
• Enhances imaging and soundstaging
• Removes glare and hardness
• Brighter video with better clarity
• Works regardless of powerline quality
• The P500 Power Plant is NOT a filter or balanced transformer. It is
actually an AC power generator that produces perfectly clean AC power
under ANY conditions, even when the incoming AC is clipped or badly
distorted – something no filter, power line conditioner, or balanced
transformer can do.
• Better than any power source out of any step-down transformer (230V-to-
120V) that you might be using right now.


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