GA-2 Ref from McIntosh C22


GA-2 Ref from McIntosh C22

GA-2 is Ref from McIntosh C22 (for customer made only)
Hi End Tube pre amplifier Kit for Audiophiles
Direct connect with Unicore 4N silver cables
WIMA Black box/GAD Silver Oil cap/ RA resistors
Circuit design ref. classic McIntosh C-22 lineamp
Model No: GA-2-C22, assembled and tubes not included
• The most Hi-End tube pre-amplifier DIY Kits, Direct Connect pre amp!!!!
• Circuit design based on classic McIntosh C-22 lineamp
• RA Resistors
• GAD-Viva Silver Oil/WIMA Black box capacitors
• Germany Unicore 99.99 Silver cables for direct connect between components. NOT go through PCB
• Ground signal used PCB printed circuit for minimize interference matching supply LS-DY, LS-65, LS-70, LS-9D
(tubes, case and power transformer not included)


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