BADA PH-32 Hybrid Power Amp


BADA PH-32 Hybrid Power Amp

Combine the vacuum tube and the MOSFet power transistor in the voltage amplify and current drive section, to achieve more linear and frequency response, use parallel voltage regulator on the vacuum tube B+ supply.
short audio signal path from input to output and selected components.. ALPS volume pot, Solen Capacitor, Toroid power transformer.
To fulfill the current demand of the output section , the capacitance in the filter capacitor is 18800uf even the output power is only 50W+ 50W (8 ohm), & speaker sensitivity ≥87dB
Rate output : 50W+50W (8 ohm)
Recomomend speaker sensitivity ≥87dB
Frequency response: 10Hz~50kHz(+0,-1dB)
THD : 0.1%
Gain : 35dB
S/N ratio : 90dB (A weight)
Max power consumption : ≤200W
Tube use : three 6SN7
Output MOSFET power transistor ( J200/K1529) working on Class A, the Chassis temperature will be higher and it is normal
dimension : 320 L x 180 W x 155 H

***115V AC on request


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