Silver/Gold Telfon 0.47uf/630VDC(400VAC)

Through prolonging series of tests, we have been successful in developing an impregnate eliminating to the highest possible extent vibration in the metallised film. The oil composition guarantees that the GADviva Audio-cap capacitors are particularly suitable for audio applications.
The highest technical standard and production experience are indispensable for the production of Audio-Cap Silver/Gold/Teflon. Due to its special physical characteristics, teflon film needs very close tolerance of manufacturing which can only be achieved at very few product types.
Furthermore, the metallization technology puts high demands on the state-of-the-art technology related experience. Because of the elasticity and extensibility of the teflon, the winding of the capacitors poses a top technical challenge.
Self healing metallised plastic film capacitors built in black plastic tube, with synthetic resin sealing, axial connections of silver-coated copper wire.
Dielectric: Teflon
Metallization: Silver 97% Gold 3%
Capacitance: 22nF up to 0,47 μF
Tolerance: +/-5%
Nominal voltage: 630 VDC/400 VAC

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